Let’s be in the moment

Your past does not matter to me

Express yourself in the moment

Do not tell me what you ought to be

I only want to see your reality

The way things are now

No fallacies

No need..

Show me actions

Show reactions

It is natural to experience the moment

That escapes most

Yet the most eager can grasp it easily


On your knees

Dispatch my wants and needs with haste

For just an imagination or day dream of a taste

Heated explosion ready to implode

Dangling on the edge of the precipice

The excitement

The thrill

The bliss…

Stimulation overload

Fragmentized in a million pieces

Overwhelming the senses

Exalted being

Youthful vitality

More shocking and dazzling than you could ever imagine it to be

Electrifying ecstasy

A deep comforting Zen zone

Like a blanket I am wrapped in, like a queen I am enthroned

The senses spastic


.. overthrow

Purgatory of the ♥️

Having no self awareness of my current state

I find myself lingering

I cannot think too much because it hurts too much

So I find myself in a dissociative haze

There is no clean slate when I come to

There is no way to undo

The difficulty in finding logic here somehow

When emotion was all I knew

No way to transcend

..in these turbulent feelings

That have me reeling

Can I rest my head on your shoulder?

You gave me tender loving care

In a weakened state I let my sore heart bleed out to you

You did not push me away

You pulled me near

Like an angel you absorbed the pain

I could not contain

You were the rock

I was paper thin

Psychologically damaged

Tortured within

But with you…

I could breathe again